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Today we are proud to announce the return of the Cosmic Comics Membership Club!

This new version of the CCM will bring back the 10% discount, but that isn't all you get with this new and improved Club. Let us fill you in on the 6 amazing benefits you get for just $10 a month!

...applies to all items in stock (except already discounted items and special orders), purchased by a membership card holder. This discount does not however apply to special event items such as Lucky Dips, Sausage Sizzles, Showbags, etc unless otherwise specified on the day.

...costs Cosmic Comics $6.45 at the beginning of each month, and will be available to members only if they mark that they are interested in this service when they sign their membership form.

...will contain promotional dockets to get a further discount on many items, or sometimes free items so please make sure you do not block Cosmic Comics emails on your nominated email box.

A winning membership cardholder will be contacted at the end of each month with a CCMC prize. These prizes are randomly chosen using a program that randomly selects one membership number. This negates repeat winners for an entire year, but all winners must respond within 24 hours of the draw or forfeit the prize to the next winner drawn (at random).

$20 INCENTIVE applied to your account when you bring a new signed Member to the CCMC and must be used either on the same day you bring your friend in to sign up, or on your next visit to Cosmic Comics. No exception will be made on this and if your $20 is not used in either of those two scenarios it is removed from your account.

FREE ENTRY any Cosmic Comics controlled events allows members to enter any present or future events that Cosmic Comics runs, in store or away from the store, in which a door fee is required.

That's it. Sounds pretty awesome doesn't it? For only $60 for your first six months and then $50 for each six month renewal this is one Membership that can't be passed up.