This is Halloween ComicFest


Saturday October 29th  

It's almost Halloween again, and for any long standing customers you know what that means. If you are new to Cosmic Comics then, first of all welcome, and secondly let me introduce to you what we have in the past called our Halloweeniversary.

Halloween ComicFest is an international event much like Free Comic Book Day. As a matter of fact it is so much like it we actually have 32 FREE comics to give away on the day with absolutely no purchase nescessary! (If you are interested in what the titles are, then scroll to the bottom of this post for the video). Unlike other comic shops we go above and beyond with any event we do, so prepare yourself for a lot of reading, here is the list of things we have in store for you this ComicFest.

Showbags: This year we are going all out with the showbags. For only $18 you will get $40 worth of comics, merch and lollies!

Lucky Dip: We have brought back the lucky dip box and filled it with lots of goodies for all ages.

Guessing Jar: For only 20c a guess this jar of lollies and a Hard Cover book could be yours.

Raffle: We will be selling $5 tickets for the Vampirella Statue raffle throughout the entire month, with the draw happening during ComicFest.

Snacks: There will be snacks galore around the store for free.

Now let's get into the real events for the day...


We will be having a host of games throughout the day.

Injustice: Gods Among Us will be set up on the tv for playing all day long, leading to the Championship happening at 1pm

We will also have four (4) games layed out inside and outside the shop all day long, and two (2) event games that will be 20c an attempt (all profits going to Telethon) for your chance to win a "Body Part". There are six (6) body parts in all, and the person to collect all six parts first wins a Sucide Squad Joker Statue!!!

There are a few more things happening throughout the day, and hopefully a few more things that we will announce in the coming month. So keep an eye on the facebook page for any further updates on Halloween ComicFest.

For those curious about the titles available during the event, simply click on the link below. Don't forget to spread the word far and wide and come on down to Cosmic Comics for an amazing day.